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Royal Box Python Edition

Discover the unparalleled elegance and functionality of the Python Edition Royal Box. Designed with discretion, elegance, and cleanliness in mind, it ensures that you are always prepared for the next party. It has a universal purpose.

This exclusive collectible product redefines luxury with its sophisticated combination of real python skin and an elegant design with attention to detail. It is an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious accessory that’s not just a statement piece but a practical solution for storing various fine materials.

The Python Edition Royal Box is available in four colors: Pink, Black, Titanium and Gold. It is crafted from the highest quality hand-brushed aluminium with a matt finish. Distinguished by the real certified python skin top cover with a unique texture, each Royal Box is truly one-of-a-kind.

Signature Elements

Each Python Edition Royal Box includes not one, but two Aluminium Straws, medically disinfected to ensure safety and hygiene.

Additionally, a Mirror Grinder Card made out of aluminium, pre-cleaned and securely wrapped in cellophane, accompanies each Royal Box.

The Royal Box offers 8 compartments, allowing for an organized and discreet storage of your most prized fine materials. The quality of the design allows for a 100% secure storage, sealed with the sliding cover.

In addition, the Royal Box is lightweight and compact, making it the perfect size for a pocket, purse or even a wallet.

Furthermore, each aluminium Royal Box comes with a tailor-made Leather Case, adding an extra protective layer to the Box.

Elevate Your Style

Each product in this line is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, offering an elegant and functional tool. Equip yourself with the most luxurious Party Accessory out there. Luxury fashion is nothing without a little bit of Snake Skin.

Dive into the diverse world of Royal Boxes and check out other collections beyond the Python Edition. Discover the cool look of the Stone Edition, the natural warmth of the Wood Edition, the timeless elegance of the Classic Edition, and the practical charm of the Plastic Edition. Complete your collection with additional Aluminium Straws. Each edition offers its unique blend of materials, colors, and textures.

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Original price was: €369.00.Current price is: €258.30.
Original price was: €369.00.Current price is: €258.30.
Original price was: €369.00.Current price is: €258.30.
Original price was: €369.00.Current price is: €258.30.