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At Party Accessory, we have a passion for party business industry, which we are professionally working in for 10 years. We come from a little EU country called Slovenia, that is situated in between of Croatia, Italy and Austria that offer some of the best party locationsbeaches, cities and mountains.

Our mission is to help you find another great place to party, so we provide the largest database of various music festivals – something for every taste – and offer you the widest selection of party tools at the best prices to go along.

At our website you can find party accessories like Royal Box and other products for a safe, discreet, elegant and clean party. Our main goal is to encourage everyone to avoid dirty places, surfaces and toilets where many diseases and bacteria are spread. Therefore, we are kindly asking you to continue sharing awareness with your friends so everybody keeps it #Clean. Thank you for your kind support, we truly appreciate it!

The Party Accessory Team
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