Meadows In The Mountains

Meadows In The Mountains

Meadows in the Mountains Line up: TO BE ANNOUNCED IN 2022!

Meadows in the Mountains built an incredible team of professionals and individuals from all over the globe that come together to make one of the worlds most difficult and logistically challenging festival environments possible. The festival’s identity has evolved from a small party to international community with a focus towards platforming the arts, protecting/regenerating our mountain and educating our family on how to change habits from destructive to regenerative.

Imagine arriving to a place where the land touches the sky. A secret paradise nestled in the clouds. A place where the summer dew glistens every colour of the rainbow against the breathtaking morning sunrise, where magic and adventure converge. A secret space full of like minds, open hearts and unforgettable memories.

Rather than redefining the idea of a festival, Meadows is a reminder of what a real festival is. Come and see for yourself how it feels to party in the middle of the mountains!

The festival was canceled in 2021 due to coronavirus COVID-19 but it is retuning stronger than ever in 2022! However we hope to see you next year, party people!

WHEN: FROM: 2nd TO: 5th June 2022

WHERE: Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria


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