Bang Face Weekender, 5th – 8th May 2023

Bang Face Weekender Festival

Bang Face Weekender Lineup: 

OrbitalCamo & Krooked Fatima HajjiSherelleDarren StylesBarriokePete & BasUtah SaintsRay KeithPercAltern 8DJ StormLuke VibertA.M.C ft PhantomEneiDrumsound & Bassline SmithMandidextrousOtto Von SchirachCeephax Acid CrewSomniac OneKRTMYazzusDJ Mell GM-ProjectMark BreezeTim Reaper ● Sully ● Coco BryceDwardeOppidan

MPH ● Nikki NairTaahliah ● Mantra ● Mark ArcherPete Cannon ● Spongebob Squarewave ● Gladde PalingDJ Bus Replacement ServiceShitmatDJ Scotch Egg Mixtress ● Aya ● Kilbourne ● Samurai BreaksGFOTYSpineePhatworldLobsta BBrain RaysHarlem Demolition CrewDave SkywalkerDemon CabbageNick DrexlerSaint Acid & Bang Face Hard Crew

Deathchant/ Over/Shadow/ Fuk the Borders/ Mothers Against Noise/ Das Booty: 

Hellfish ● The DJ Producer ● Akira  ● Bryan Fury ● Fish & Rice ● Axe Gabba Murda Mob ● 2 Bad Mice ● Technical Itch ● Dom & Roland ● Paradox ● DJ Trax ● Sully ● Goreshit ● We Rob RaveAlex Tune Fat FrumosCaptain RavemanIndian Junglist ● Kodek ● Laxenanchaos ● Null Hypothesis ● Tinkers ● Turismo BluSeppaHurtdeer Minor Science ● Myr ● FFINN ●  Dave Shades ● Melati ● Rory KBoycey ●  Titus ● Tensor

In The Face/ The Seche/ Hardcore Junglists United/ The Northern Embassy: 

DJ Lord of the Rings ● Hadean ● Gash ● Coxon ● Sample Junkie Ali MonstaTropical Selecta ● Tusk ● JungaliceDJ Can’t Say No ● It’s Britneys Bitch ● DJ NoEyeDear ● Steeze ● Mokit ● GullyteenPeggy Viennetta ● Bubble07 ● Royal Tweedy ● Surati  ● A.N.T ● Rivs ● Rafer Rawb ● Pocket Drama ● DestrukshinRawrcore ● Maralara ● Bowen ● Sad Spit SallyX-TraktDJ Yogurt FlingerDJ Dizzle

Hard Crew Heroes/ Tarantism/ Yellow Machines/Rave Logistics: 

Jakazid Petrol BastardLucy StonerIffyhype Josie BeeDJ Wide 4 FiveTony LocoMike5000Rapidax ● Staccatissimo ●  Hanka ● BishBashBoshGade System NouzbiWarped Dynamics ● Terminal Madness ● Tanooki Suit ● Vash ● Basshoven ● Controlled Weirdness ● DexorcistHooverian BlurScanOneChampa B ● Skrub Daddy ● Babiest Baby ● Kake ● Ellament ● Nute ● Tapeworm

About Bang Face Weekender

Nothing can beat the Bang Face Weekender formula of 3 indoor music venues, playing a Neo-Rave explosion of Acid, Jungle, Rave Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Breakcore, Bass, Techno and Electronica!

The Holiday Park, Southport is the perfect place for a music weekend. All the venues were designed for ballroom dancing and cabaret (the raving of the day) and are interlinked creating the buzz of a club atmosphere with a festival feel. Plus everybody stays in a maze of self-catering chalets which makes for a great community spirit. The ideal place to lose yourself in the chaos but without the stress of wondering when your next shower will be.

The three indoor music venues include the Bang Room, that is where you see the big shows and experience all the rave party mayhem. The Face Room is where you can get closer to the acts and the stacks! And Queen Vic, which is the most intimate venue showcasing takeovers and special bonus sets. There is also the infamous indoor rave pool party on Saturday afternoon. Not forgetting BFTV broadcasts to all chalets 24/7.

WHEN: 5th – 8th May 2022

LOCATION: Southport Holiday Park, Southport, United Kingdom


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